Potential hookups sending pictures of their visible STIs AMA

2021.10.26 02:40 Hubbub5515bh Potential hookups sending pictures of their visible STIs AMA

Like this guy sent me a hole pic and I could see his anal warts. I haven't opened that God forsaken app in two months.
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2021.10.26 02:40 zoozla [Plan] Soft discipline cohort #6 (7/7 - last day!)

It's done!
It may seem you're not there yet, and that there's a lot more work to do. From the top if this hill we climbed together we can see further and higher mountains we still need to climb.
But before we put our proverbial backpacks back on and continue on our journey of self improvement, let's take a few minutes to acknowledge the work we've done in just 7 days.
To make this a little more structures, here are a few questions to answer:

  1. Take a look at the first comment you posted when we launched this cohort and on the first day. That's where you were.
  2. Now take stock of where you are now. What's different about you? What can you do now that you couldn't before?
  3. How did this process help you? Was there a moment or an insight that made all the difference?
  4. Now take a look at your future - 6 months, a year, 5 years from now. Do you see any possibilities opening up that you didn't see before? Where are you going to go next?
This cohort started a little late and was smaller than usual. Still, those of you who showed up did amazing work. It was a privilege to work with all of you this week!
The next cohort and the next chance to up your game starts November 1st.
You can join at https://softdiscipline.com/cohort.
Have a wonderful reast of the week!
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2021.10.26 02:40 tatttedd Are they the same

I have sovtek 5881/6l6wgc power tubes in my krank. Could I replace them with tung sol 5881’s or jj 5881 power tubes? Or those aren’t the same tubes?
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2021.10.26 02:40 iloveseacreatures How many allo kibble for lvl 1 griffin with the 10x balm?

I play in casual mode and get lvl 1 griffins to spawn around the mountain,so how much allo kibble would it take
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2021.10.26 02:40 Fabulous-Will-2414 Has anyone seen these shoes or know if they are for sale anywhere / how much they are worth

Has anyone seen these shoes or know if they are for sale anywhere / how much they are worth
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2021.10.26 02:40 HypnotizedNeverLie Ambassador: Ukraine’s gas proposal submitted to German Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy

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2021.10.26 02:40 witchythings11 Constipation Woes

Okay I’ve had bad constipation all pregnancy, mainly due to lack of hydration because of how severe my nausea and vomiting has been. I had about a month reprieve before nausea kicked in again. I didn’t have a bowel movement for almost a week and last Sunday had a very painful one only to not be able to go again until today, 8 days later. Also 34 weeks if it matters. I’ve never had a hemorrhoid before so I don’t know if that’s part of the issue or what. I’ve filled the toilet bowl with blood every time I’ve been able to have a bowel movement and they’ve been very painful, leaving me sore.
I’m using hemorrhoid wipes with witch hazel to help, I’ve been taking the max dose of stool softeners for weeks now which don’t seem to be helping. I’ve taken miralax as a laxative. I have to stay away from certain stool softeners and laxatives as they have caused me severe cramping to the point I’m throwing up from the pain. My water intake is good to help with having a bowel movement, I’m taking sitz baths in an attempt to help. What more can I do?? I’m absolutely miserable and every time I wipe there is a bit of blood still. I see my midwife tomorrow so I am going to bring it all up and ask but am hoping for some relief/advice to my anxiety or I won’t sleep tonight at all lol is this totally not normal, something to worry about, anyone else experience this bad of constipation? I just don’t get why nothing is helping :(
Anyway thanks for listening to my rant and if anyone else has advice or words of wisdom it’d help me a ton before my appointment tomorrow.
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2021.10.26 02:40 Co1by2 I’m in love

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2021.10.26 02:40 rdunnz Forza Horizon 4 | 20 SUPER WHEELSPINS | #RoadToHorizon5

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2021.10.26 02:40 creepurr101 I had been using the free emoji plugins for a while now. But today it just doesn't work. I had tried downloading the plugin from the website again. Repaired better discord and it still doesn't work. Can anyone help me to solve this problem?

I had been using the free emoji plugins for a while now. But today it just doesn't work. I had tried downloading the plugin from the website again. Repaired better discord and it still doesn't work. Can anyone help me to solve this problem? submitted by creepurr101 to BetterDiscord [link] [comments]

2021.10.26 02:40 throwaway_acc788 Voy a hacer un grupo de paja por insta manden su insta por dm

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2021.10.26 02:40 TheBamaify Montage #11

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2021.10.26 02:40 SuperTacoComputer Battle pass question

Will I be able to complete the vanguard battle pass in cold war or modern warfare? Like I'm currently able to level up the battle pass in modern warfare. I'm asking because I'm not going to buy vanguard until mid next year like I did with cold war and it would be nice to start out with some battle pass rewards if I do decide to purchase the game. I'm also asking because I have 3200 cod points and want to know if I should buy a couple bundles or save them for future battle passes.
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2021.10.26 02:40 Clear-Resident-8169 Puta

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2021.10.26 02:40 DangerousTv VICE DANGEROUS | SLICE 2 | SERIOUS TALK

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2021.10.26 02:40 Skelly180am Emma Louise Jones

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2021.10.26 02:40 naieem05 Techdyno BD

Techdyno BD
Techdyno BD
📷 ডাটা নিরাপদ রাখতে কাস্টম সফটওয়্যার এর কোন বিকল্প নেই, 📷 📷 নিজের চাহিদা ও পছন্দ মত সফটওয়্যার করতে আজই যোগাযোগ করুণ
📷 বিস্তারিত জানুনঃ 01636558227 01686276704 📷 website: www.techdynobd.com 📷 Office address: Techdyno BD 2nd Floor, House: H 79, Block: G, New Airport Road, Chairman Bari, Banani, Dhaka - 1213
#website #software #websitedevelopment #softwaredevelopment #app #appdevelopment
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2021.10.26 02:40 Yuzu_tree Shoe goo toxic/cancer??

My skate shoes have been falling apart and I've been using shoe goo religiously. I apply it every week or so, sometimes more frequently. However, I just noticed on the packaging that it contains substances that may cause cancer. This may be an overreaction/stupid question, but should I be worried at all?
I apply it outside my window and leave it out there to dry for a few hours, but have to bring in my shoes after (especially when it rains). I live in a small dorm room so my shoes are in the same room as my bed, desk, etc. with minimal ventilation, and I still smell the shoe goo. Is this bad?
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2021.10.26 02:40 BidenWon dUnE iS aBoUt WoRmS

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2021.10.26 02:40 QAoA Inktober day 25 of my character Quizel

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2021.10.26 02:40 noturkimchigirl My first reusable nail tips!

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2021.10.26 02:40 raffi2170bx 💰T1mes is not just a BEP-20 Token,it is a phenomen of celebrating because %TSLA reached 1 trillion market cap.

Inspired by Elon Musk’s latest tweet, WILD $T1MES is a token on the Binance Smart Chain Network (BSC) that aims to create a community of investors while expanding its operations to positively impact and attract people even outside the CRYPTO community. Don’t miss out on this one! This is a revolutionary buyback token which will let you have WILD TIMES!
💰T1mes is not just a BEP-20 Token,it is a phenomen of celebrating because %TSLA reached 1 trillion market cap.
T1mes is the newest official token that Elon tweeted about. In the celebration of TSLA getting 1 trillion market cap💰
🔹 T1mes Token launched as a Fair Launch on PancakeSwap, 80% of liquidity will be locked until 2022, so your FUNDS will be SAFU.
📌 Launch Date: 25 OCT - 21PM UTC
🔒 100% of the Liquidity will be locked until 2022
⭐ Liquidity Start: 2 BNB (we have anti-whale feature)
► Name: T1mes Token
► Symbol: $T1MES
► Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000
💸 1% goes to Ecosystem
💸 4% goes to Liquidity
💸 4% goes to Marketing
💸 2% goes to BuyBack Feature
📱Social Media📱
🌎Website: https://t1mes.net/
☄️ Twitter: https://twitter.com/realT1mesToken
📢 Channel: https://t.me/T1mesToken
📄 Contract: 0xea47de319433b04095f847fc1adbcacde90da2fc
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2021.10.26 02:40 Skylarti What's the Best Alternative of TPB?

thepiratebay.org is giving me a real hard time. The server is always not found.
Can anyone suggest a best TPB alternative? I heard RARBG, 1337x are good. Any opinion?
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2021.10.26 02:40 SelrahcToille alternative alignment chart based on comments recommendations

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2021.10.26 02:40 PM_ME_YOUR_SWAMPERTS Career Switch: Science Research -> Data Analytics. How will an employer view a Masters degree?

Hi careerguidance,
I'm currently in a unique situation and a bit of a crossroads. Therefore, I need some unbiased and objective advice, espicially from individuals that actually hire people such as a HR manager.

The Background:
I graduated in Australia 2019 with a Bachelor of Science (Honours) with 1.5 years wet lab experience. I wanted to pursue an English teaching position in Japan in early 2020. COVID didn't let that happen. Therefore, I wanted to pursue a PhD in a similar science research field and was asured I would be able to get a scholarship and a position. This was not the case and getting a scholarship was much more difficult than usual (no one is 100% sure as to why graduate scholarships are much harder to get at least in Australia). I only got a scholarship and a lab by mid-2021. Unfortunately, it is clear that leaving my current lab is the best decision for several reasons (it is a long story, I can go into it if necassary).

The Issue:
I genuinely enjoy biological science research; however, having wasted all this time trying to build a research career and watching it fumble continually due to pieces not in my control is very demorallising. The future for academic research is not looking bright at all in Australia. It is making me reconsider my career path.
An alternate career I may be interested in data analytics. I get excited about quarterly investor sales reports, investor meetings, and plotting data over time for market research groups.

My (Potential) Solution:

The Main Questions:
Does this sound like the best way for me to enter this field?
How would an employer view this kind of resume? Bachelor of Science, not having anything for 2 years, Masters degree.
How to communicate the value of my Bachelor of Science to the employers looking for data analysts? Lots of people seem to think a Bachelor of Science degree would give one great data analysis skills. However, unless you're doing specifically statisitics or informatics the computer skills you learn are a complete joke. So unfortunately I have no skills in python or R.

Some Additions:
I've heard that many of these university courses for data analytics are relatively new and still evolving. Therefore, how would I assess as to whether the courses will actually teach me the skills needed to enter a work environment or build a portfolio? I definitely want to make sure a Masters is the right decision because of how expensive it is.
A lot of people say you just need online coursework for these positions, but I haven't seen any profiles from Linkedin without a finance/commerce/maths/computer science degree. Most appear to just be undergraduate degree Bachelors though.
Even if a Masters is a good idea, is the job environment for these kinds of positions oversaturated anyways? Essentially is the job market just down everywhere and will finding a job just be painful no matter where you go?

TLDR: Considering a career switch to data analytics and thinking about whether a Masters degree is the best option for me.
Please hammer me with questions. I can give more information, I just wanted to the post to be somewhat readable.
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