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Hmmm im not so sure this a optimal situation

2021.10.26 02:13 computerdweeb Hmmm im not so sure this a optimal situation

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2021.10.26 02:13 losloppie Notice from IRS in Kansas 6525 (SP CIS)

I got a notice from the IRS from Kansas city Stop 6525 ( SP CIS). It was on informed delivery but the darn mail man did not deliver it today.
Any idea what this could be? I logged onto my IRS account and there is not Balance due showing? I would assume it would show something there?
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2021.10.26 02:13 humblemuse FOMO the Present Coz Of Past. Don't have a Life?

I am 25 years old now from Canada. And recently I have come to realization that I don't have any life since I don't have any favorites. Be it songs, movies or TV shows I haven't watched what people usually are exposed to in their childhood or Teenage even. I used to sing and I thought music was my passion but I don't even remember the last time I sang. I have been single since forever and I don't know if I am enough for anyone. I don't know what's wrong with me. Should I go back and listen to every song that my peers have listened to? People get surprised how can you sing without even having a repertoire ,that makes me wonder the same now. I wanna know what's wrong. I wanna talk to different experiences. Thank you so much for reading this far.
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2021.10.26 02:13 FacebookScience I ordered a dagashi bag from Amazon. In it was something called 焼あじ, and apparently it's a dried jack mackerel. I'm afraid to eat it. How's it taste?

I don't want it to go to waste and feel like I'd offend someone if I put it in the compost bin.
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2021.10.26 02:13 chrisdunlap13 hi kevin

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2021.10.26 02:13 F4b13l So what are your plays for tomorrow I'm interested🤔

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2021.10.26 02:13 Julian_m1 犬をヴィーガンにしようとした結果…

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2021.10.26 02:13 TheCanipiola "Oh come on, that's obviously a shoot!" -CM Phil

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2021.10.26 02:13 Manmade-Object ELI5: How does a mirror's reflection change to follow my point of view?

This is so hard to put into words that make sense. When a flat mirror is on the wall, and I walk around to view it at different angles, the angle of the reflected image also changes correspondingly. At the right perspective, the mirror can even reflect things that are on the wall next to it. Two people looking at a mirror from different angles will see different things.
How does the mirror reflect anything more than what it's directly facing? I know it's got something to do with how the light bounces off of it but I'm having trouble figuring out how what I see in it depends on where I'm looking at it from.
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2021.10.26 02:13 Sevalisa When it's hot and you keep moving away from furry heater but the heater follows you... #codependantcatissues

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2021.10.26 02:13 Phoenix102809 How do I make the Scottish flag as a emblem for my high lander

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2021.10.26 02:13 AvocadoSaltAndLime Beef stew. Best way to make it for a party of 100.

Tools at my disposal: - large griddle (maybe brown the meat here? ) - large pot
I’m planning to brown the meat and sauté the onions and celery on the griddle then transfer to pot. I will grab SOME of the brown goodness stuck to the griddle with the onions but not all.
Any tips?
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2021.10.26 02:13 syookiecookie Schedules have been changing and now I'm considering dming only once a month - No idea how to keep interest up??

Over the past year, the group I dm'd a oneshot for turned into a long campaign, which more recently went on indefinite hiatus because I got slammed with life stuff and.... Now that I'm able to dm again, I'm realizing my groups schedules have changed a lot (with the summer ending and whatnot.)
What I'm thinking might have to be done is changing it so that I only DM for them once a month, instead of once every two weeks like I'd done previously, which seems like it might be the least stressful option when everyones so busy - however i have a fairly big concern with doing that
While I don't think I'm a terrible DM or storyteller - I'm a fairly new one, and I'm worried my lack of experience means that I won't be able to hook my players with plot and story the way I would have liked when time between sessions goes that long. Should I be worried about this at all, and is there anything I need to do to adjust properly so it's still fun for everyone?
(As a sidenote, while I think on this by my lonesome I've been trying to brainstorm ways I could combat people pushing their characters completely to the back of their minds - I mostly just dont want them to eventually feel like they cant play them anymore because they dont connect to them -
I was thinking I could maybe start introducing "homework" for them to do in the inbetween periods. By this I mostly mean little lists of questions about their characters every now and then, and maybe asking for them to give me scenario or npc suggestions that i can draw from a box as a fun little surprise every so often, give them something to look forward to and keep them engaged when we do eventually play. I don't plan to make anything incredibly time consuming to do on their end, just things to occasionally keep the campaign on their mind? I'm not sure if thats a bad idea or not.)
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2021.10.26 02:13 Top-Needleworker-189 I’m not sure what to do…

So I guess let’s start from the top. Hello I go by M, I’m 25 and I’m at a loss for words because honestly I don’t know where else to turn to at this point only because I feel like someone can realign my head for me or throw me a bone to help me. So this all began when I had my first baby girl around 03/27/18 me and the mother who we will address as A were not together at the time, we’d agreed to Co-parent and I was in a relationship at the time with the person I’m living with now which we will address as B. I have been living with A for sometime though during the beginning of being with my daughter to grow with her but year after year after wanting to move in with B every single time it came down to it, we would argue and then not be talking during these time periods. So naturally I didn’t want to go back to my parents house because I was mistreated for a fair amount of my life and not wanting to go back I fell back on A. Now when I say this it means I just decided to move in with her or get an apartment with her and naturally B would be upset but I rightfully in the sense we weren’t dating or talking. This happened over a course of up to this year finally in 07/04/2021 when I finally got my own place and moved in alone, A and my daughter both moved back to her parents house as we both felt it was time to go separate ways to not confuse our daughter. One thing I will say now is that within that time frame B and I had a baby together as well now and he was born on 05/17/2020. I don’t want to go into too much detail of this because it would be an entire novel series of events that were major into this. So of course now that B knows that I have my own place she doesn’t want to live at her parents home anymore and wants to live with me. I tell her that’s fine and so she moves in and she blatantly tells me that she is not looking for any kind of relationship at all with anyone. I advise her my intentions of wanting to be together as naturally now we live together and have a baby boy and I also pay for the wifi, electric, phone bill, everything is paid for by me and also I work two jobs so she can be a stay at home mom to watch over the baby. I say this only because I don’t know if it’s crucial to my point or question but everyday I feel like I’m just being used, everyday I feel more and more depressed and I know I’m doing them a favor and especially her because she doesn’t pay rent at all or anything, I quite literally do everything. I wash all the dishes, vacuum all the floors, I wash all the clothes and put them away. Yet she is consistently texting or was texting other guys till a couple days ago when I asked if she was talking to someone else and she admitted she was and it was in a romantic way. Whenever I ask her for a hug or just when they are leaving to say a proper goodbye she always rolls her eyes and just doesn’t want to near me as if I’m such a burden to her. I’ve asked her before too about what I should do if I should leave and move on. And she would tell me no because she doesn’t me to ever leave her but the reality is I’m miserable and I don’t enjoy my life living here anymore, the other day we had sex for the first time in 5 months and after that it’s been the same. I don’t know what to do we sleep in the same bed with a body pillow down the middle so I won’t go in her side . I guess I’m coming here to vent , I’m coming here to air out my emotions and to get advice on how to move on from this toxic environment , a valid response of course because I don’t want to break my lease or punish my son from a roof. Whoever reads this just tell me in all reality, am I an idiot for letting her come into my home, should I have just taken care of my son and not given her the time or thought, what do I do ? Am I in the wrong ?
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2021.10.26 02:13 sugarplumfairy1234 Cheng or Machart for Physiology BIO 365S?

What teacher do y'all recommend? What's the level of difficulty? Who has a fairer grading and exam style? Who is overall the better teacher? How'd y'all prepare? Thanks!
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2021.10.26 02:13 HotWheelscollector35 Any after market company’s building any retro parts for the mk5 supra would love a mk4 style bumper on a mk5 ??? Same thing with headlights

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2021.10.26 02:13 MOULIK-BHATIA-yeet Built different

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2021.10.26 02:13 iamSkylerXO On the road again…

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2021.10.26 02:13 hnallis Isildur likes to watch videos on the phone. He will sit up on your shoulder and tap your phone until you play them for him.

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2021.10.26 02:13 harcissist don’t know what to do to lose weight without it being keto.

I’m 17 and i got diagnosed with pcos at 14. Almost 2 years ago i weighed 175 and I did the keto diet after i had gone to a nutritionist and followed her exact diet plan and even going to the gym 5-6 days a week and not losing weight. Right when i did keto i automatically started losing weight and it was amazing. For months when i was doing a calorie deficit and eating 100 carbs a day only and going to the gym i didn’t lose a single pound and kept gaining weight. so doing keto and seeing my weight go down was amazing. Anyways, i got down to 154 and i stopped keto there because i thought i could manage doing just a low carb diet instead and a calorie deficit. My goal was to not gain weight anymore and now just lose weight slowly even if it meant taking forever. Year later and i weighed 179. Again, i was really upset and i knew the only way i could even drop the weight was keto. I did keto again of course and lost weight. Here i am now weighing 189. I don’t know what to do and i don’t want to do keto anymore. I’m so upset because i never thought i’d even ever weigh this much so quickly. I really don’t want to do keto and i’m all out of options. The reason why i thought i still weighed around 160-170 was because i was still shopping for the same sized clothes, i was taking care of myself and not over eating like i used to and even family members who haven’t seen me in years would compliment me saying how much healthier i looked without knowing i actually am 40 pounds heavier . I was working out 3-5 times a week. I really thought i wasn’t gaining an insane amount of weight even with all of that but i did. My doctor is sending me to a dietitian but i’m still waiting for a call back and i have this feeling where this dietitian won’t understand how my body works and i’ll end up hitting 200 pounds soon. I’m so upset and i really don’t know what to do. Any recommendations from anyone? I’d really appreciate any help. This is the only place where people actually understand me so thank you.
Also, i’m losing an insane amount of hair what can i do?
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2021.10.26 02:13 Ambitious_Bid_2531 Puppy not house trained yet.

We got our dog because some people were giving him away because of their landlord. The kids have been asking for a long time now, so my husband said we'll take the dog. They said he is a labradoodle around 3 months old. My husband and I are both working on training him.
Here's my problem. How do I get him housebroken? I have puppy pads where he usually goes.
He hates car rides he poops/pees as soon as we start driving but if I leave him home and in the crate, he flips out, poops on everything and just barks.
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2021.10.26 02:13 howchal How to Draw RED RANGER, JASON, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

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2021.10.26 02:13 jalen77777 Free PSN Codes

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2021.10.26 02:13 KarlyBlack Code: chickentown

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2021.10.26 02:13 popsadrian I [M20] am crushing on my friend [F22] and unsure how to proceed

Ok so I recently got out a 3 year relationship like this month but I have honestly been clocked out of that relationship for a long time(high school sweet hearts). I have been friends with this new girl for a few months now hanging out in group settings and recently by ourselves. The point being I did not want to start crushing on her because I feel like it is too soon for another relationship I want to be alone and learn to love better first. However we made out this weekend and things got intense no sex because she doesn’t have sex unless she is dating them. I’m ok with that since I’m not ready but I am really thinking about her throughout the day. Also worth mentioning she said no promises but when I’m ready she could see something potentially happening in the future with us. Should I just continue hanging out with her and start going to therapy until I believe I’m ready for another relationship? I feel crazy for having a crush already but she is such a cool person to be with.
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