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2021.10.26 03:09 Proman28610 How do I do this question? IGCSE Add Maths. Thanks!

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2021.10.26 03:09 vlicvlac Wie digitalisiert ihr eure Dokumente/Unterlagen?

Ich habe diesen Urlaub genutzt, um digital einmal aufzuräumen, da ich durch den neuen Welpen so oder so an die Wohnung gebunden war. Accounts, die nicht mehr benötigt wurden DSGVO-konform löschen lassen, sämtliche Passwörter neu gesetzt, Fotos aussortiert und aufgeräumt, Adressbuch gepflegt, Kalender gepflegt. Saubere Backup-Infrastruktur aufgebaut. Das Backup-Laufwerk steht jetzt neben der Wohnungstür (Fluchtweg). Eben all das, was ich sonst sehr gerne zur Seite geschoben habe. Parallel habe ich auch Mal bei den Versicherungen aufgeräumt. Und da die jetzt wieder alles per Post schicken, habe ich mich gefragt, wie ich den Papierkram digitalisieren kann. Zum einen hoffe ich, den einen anderen oder anderen Ordner zu sparen. Zum anderen habe ich im Falle des Falles eine digitale Kopie.
Dokumenten-Scanner mit Einzug liegen schnell jenseits der 400 Euro. Und sind gebraucht nicht viel günstiger. Ein günstiger Drucker mit Einzug nimmt mir zu viel Platz auf Dauer weg. Das Smartphone wäre auf Dauer eine Möglichkeit, aber der initiale Aufwand ist zu hoch.
Ich habe das Gefühl, ich übersehe noch eine kluge, effiziente Möglichkeit.
tl;dr Ich möchte sämtliche Papier-Unterlagen effizient und kostengünstig digitalisieren und suche eine schaue Lösung.
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2021.10.26 03:09 ErikkuRD First impressions and review, sort of, of Doki Doki Salvation

This is my first time ever doing a review of anything yet I’ve wanted to make reviews. So just for fun I’ll start here with a mod I’ve been recommended called Doki Doki Salvation. This may or may not be lengthy but will be filled with spoilers so reader beware. Also I would really love some feedback on how to do reviews better as I want to do more like this for other things.
Expanding or redoing a story always has me intrigued as to what a team or person can do with their ideas and what they can bring new to a completed work. I feel like this is a main factor to a lot of mods being made here and why this community even exists in the first place. DDLC has a lot of potential for this idea to be expanded upon or rewrite for the characters to have better endings or explore new ideas for them. It’s also why I even play mods for myself to see the ideas from others and why Salvation is even here.
Salvation asks what can you do if you were able to go back to a world of hurt and bring, well, salvation to bring happiness. However, this idea is mostly there but is more so focused on one of the club members than all of them, I’ll touch on this later. Salvation starts with Monika, still being self-aware, losing her powers to directly manipulate the game and the main character saving Sayori before hanging herself (how original, I know lol). I thought having Monika not be able to change the files but still be meta- aware was interesting as it restricts her to use other methods of reaching the player and not have her affect the story as much but this idea was only utilized it different beats of the story, more so at the end. This didn’t bother me as much as I saw this as a way to let the main character fulfill his goal of salvation and the times Monika’s meddling were used were appropriate. I just wish it could’ve been more used but this relates to Monika so I’ll describe my feelings on this more later. With that, lemme get into my points of the mod.

  1. Presentation- This was decisive for me as different art styles are used for the different CGs and sprites of certain characters, most of which were very cute and well drawn. Since the stock sprites are used, the difference in art styles didn’t really throw me off but I kinda wished it was more in akin to the original style to keep the feeling consistent. Initially, I thought they were immersion breaking until after the credits where the author points out they wanted to showcase the talent if the modding community. This nugget made me think differently about these scenes, that instead of thinking they should be more in line with DDLC’s original style, instead to view it differently as a tribute to the fandom and talent here. I think that spirit is what even drives mods in the first place; a passion of love for the original and wanting to expand on it more. The more I thought of it that way, the more it made me appreciate these scenes being their own respective look, rather than trying to mimic the original style perfectly. Deapite saying that the ending CG with Monika in the main character’s bedroom felt off to me somehow and the emotion it was trying to convey got lost because of that. If it was baked in the oven more, I feel like this scene would be more emotional in regards to where it is in the story. Also, the use of a real life image for the car crash scene was jarring and the only real immersion breaking scene, but for the context of the story and what’s revealed about it at the end do give that “wham” effect. It’s more of a shocked but confused feeling. Besides that, the other CGs and sprites were drawn really well, especially Sayori at the beginning (kinda dark saying that but still drawn really well). And the transition cutscene with the music box, aaaa it was so adorable and threw me off the one time it did. I kinda wish it again would’ve done that more but overly relying on that tactic would be repetitive. Overall, I’m impressed the amount of work done in here and in the end doesn’t detract the story besides a few spots.
  2. Characters- Now the fun bit. Each of the charcters here are written really well and delve into their struggles they had. Since this is still technically Act 1, the characters don’t get their mind messed from Monika, as she doesn’t have any real powers anymore. This allows the story to focus on the salvation bit, yet it mostly focuses on Sayori throughout. That’s not to say Yuri, Natuski, and Monika dont get any time, they each have their own respective moments giving to them. Yet the mod makes it seems like it wants to be a Sayori focused mod and this has confused me. Am I playing a mod that brings happiness to all the Literature Club or mostly Sayori and the main character? It felt confusing as the story was attempting to switch back and forth between these moments and the pacing was all over. This is porbably more than a nitpick but it confused me again while playing through. Yet each character that gets focused on is written really well and fleshes them out, not relying on typical tropes. The main charcter fund out about Yuri’s cutting obsession yet isn’t beaten down for it. Natsuki reveals her abusive relationship with her father and even has bruises to show from it. The main character does his best to make Sayori happy it felt he was more than a self insert. Monika is still not over her obsession with the player and goes out of her way to deliberately the others be pissed off and goes as far as to almost kill them in a car accident. She is shown to be slowly declining in her own mental health after many attempts and certain story beats have the characters ignore her. Yet, even she realizes how more dynamic the others have become and they’re not just “cardboard cut outs” as she says. She is continually watching the player play and overtime starts to see how these characters are. Even in the end, when she reveals all the horrid actions she has done, we are given a choice to forgive her, and this option would not have been believable if it wasn’t for the actions and her motivation for what she did. Everyone got their respected ending and while Monika’s ending CG was a bit jarring as I mentioned, I was still crying for her. Everyone did still care for each other and the author wrote it really well. I still think the main character despite being wanting to protect Sayori more wasn’t as developed compared to the others. However, he does show genuine emotion and is, in my opinion, more improved on the base main character from the original game. Despite some pacing, the characters are all really well written with depth to their backstories and it shows.
  3. Story/Writing- The writing of the characters stayed closely true to their personalities, another thing this mod does well. Some cute bonding moments where each of the literature club members allow them to shine and give more development to their problems and personalities. Of course, this mod had that in mind from the get-go, but the author really did well with keeping the characters like they were in the original game. Most of the emphasis was focused on Sayori however, and while I mentioned that I thought it would focus on all of the club members, the moments with Sayori were special. Seeing as she never had a chance in the original game to truly be with, it was special to see the main character and Sayori grow more into each other and hit off with the other club members. The scenes with her were really well done and over time the mod does focus on all of the cast. I just wanted to see more moments from each of the other members. How the story handles Monika though is interesting, but spoilers. Since Monika doesn’t have control over the game anymore, she still does her hardest to derail the protagonist to dislike everyone else and just her. Yet she’s mentally exhausted and slowly losing it and it shows. I really liked this take of Monika being super possesive and still willing to do evetything she can to get to the player. Through these actions, it allowed Monika to slowly realize how the other members had more to them than just typical visual novel tropes. However, while the ending did clench me, how it was handled with Monika suddenly showing up to the main character’s bedroom felt out of left field. I really wished this would’ve been more paced differently, however it still didn’t keep me much from enjoying the ending. The bonding times with the other club members and seeing them all support each other during their problems were really well done, for what was there.
  4. Sound/Music- A new score was made for this mode while still using some of the base game’s music and they were reaaaally good, holy hell. I remember that one of the composers of this game also composed for another mod and their music in that one and here were all unique and didn’t get in the way of the mood. If I had to gripe, the “Okay, Everyone” track in the clubroom was kinda too loud on the main chorus, but everything else was really well composed. Also, the voice work for each of the girls’ poems were handled also really well, fitting for the character. Having Monika’s voice glitch out also was a nice touch in the story. The mic quality on one of the girls’ voices, I don’t remember which, sounded echoey, but it didn’t bother me as much as the performances were really good.
I didn’t expect this review to be so long, so I’ll close here. I really loved this mod despite pacing issues and the art. I’d say it’s a great starting mod to get into and a showcase of what this wonderful modding community has shown. Since this was the author’s sign off for the community, I hope they are doing well and if they ever read this that they’ve made a special story. This mod has reminded me that salvation can be found for others suffering, even for the ones who have done the worst, with the right support and care.
Thank you if you’ve read all the way through this. I really want to make more reviews like this in the future as I’m even nervous and scared just putting all of this long wall of text out there.
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2021.10.26 03:09 kskasma88 MacBook Pro for sale!

13 inch, Late 2016 with touchbar. I want to offer it to fellow UW students before anyone else. Looking for $499. Let me know if interested!
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cannabis? www.fromCanada.org
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2021.10.26 03:09 roofingprorichardson What Are The Reasons Moss Grows On The Roof and How To Avoid It

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2021.10.26 03:09 aceelsher2021 🤑🤑🤑 thankYou Participating Lastnight! Let's talk about price pegging, tokenomics and other exciting aspects leading to #TheGreatMigration! Head on to our YouTube channel to watch the streaming and ask your questions! ▶️

🤑🤑🤑 thankYou Participating Lastnight! Let's talk about price pegging, tokenomics and other exciting aspects leading to #TheGreatMigration! Head on to our YouTube channel to watch the streaming and ask your questions! ▶️
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2021.10.26 03:09 Unidentified-Bolt Daredevil dog

Does anyone know where to buy the helmet that the dog is wearing? I want to buy one for my friend’s birthday but I can’t find it anywhere, any Information or anything is appreciated!
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2021.10.26 03:09 krismodo Went to the dispo today first time trying stizzy pods I love their diamonds and rosin so far loving the smoothness but still full potency of the pods.

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2021.10.26 03:09 monstararts Does anyone know if character level will be able to ascend 90+ in the future?

I know currently 90 is the max level characters can be, but does anyone know if maybe in a future update they'll make it so we can ascend past 90?
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2021.10.26 03:09 FrancescoRuota1 Discovered a New Gem x1000 Contracto Lock (smart audits for new projects)

Hello guys.
In this moment this project has a MC under 100K and it will be a super investment in the long period. The admin is visible and available on TG for any request. Liquidity is Locked and the project is safe 100%.
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Now available on pancake (BSC)
For more info the Telegram gourp is https://t.me/contracto_official
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2021.10.26 03:09 Snyda Osmo Color Finish on Birch Desktop?

Hi all, I am in the process of building a standing desk. For the desk top, I'd like to purchase and finish a solid wood piece of lumber. If I could choose the perfect look, it would be very similar to this or this. My plan is to purchase this butcher block from Home Depot, and finish it using an Osmo color stain. My question is, is this a realistic transformation given the initial piece of lumber? What color of Osmo stain would you recommend? I've considered cognac, walnut, and 50% ebony. It's hard to choose anything definitively with no experience, however.
Thanks in advance for all help.
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2021.10.26 03:09 fattycokecoffee Oh so that's what the D in DG stands for! Doo Gragon UwU Happy Doosday everyone!

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