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[spoilers ep5] I had to do this

2021.12.08 16:47 TheKratex [spoilers ep5] I had to do this

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2021.12.08 16:47 iamabummblebee What is the meanest thing someone has said to you about your migraines?

- A co-worker of mine asked me why I wasn't used to them already if I get them daily
- My ex told me that "You get a headache every day so why should I care?"
There's probably more out there but can't remember. Keep fighting the good fight fellow migraneurs
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2021.12.08 16:47 MrMaradok Are Soulsborne locations possible?

As in, could you play as Gwyn leading Anor Londo, Yorm leading The Profaned Capital, or Bolitaria from Demon Souls? (Can’t remember the kings name)
Are there mods for this?
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2021.12.08 16:47 sklanders43 IM ON THE HIGHWAY TO HELL

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2021.12.08 16:47 SerMavros Rayne (BloodRayne)

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2021.12.08 16:47 SnipingArms (LWRC) LWRCI-DI Direct Impingement Rifle 5.56 NATO ($1,499.99)

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2021.12.08 16:47 el_sattar How do I play these chords? Not sure about fretting/muting

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2021.12.08 16:47 Key_Nefariousness356 Salam, to my Azerbaijani and Turkish Brothers

I am a Pakistani American, who lives in America.
To my Azerbaijani Brothers, Congratulations for liberating Qarabag.
I just want to say hello to people from Azerbaijan and Turkey, hope you all are doing fine.
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2021.12.08 16:47 jeeedy_edc Wednesday carry!

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2021.12.08 16:47 Nervous-Frame Three snuggling sausages ❤️

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2021.12.08 16:47 Gramzzz420 [FREE] SSG Splurge x Valee Type Beat 2021 - "Pressin"

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2021.12.08 16:47 Retrobanana64 I hate when she cats ignorant of things

Because of her age in the earlier seasons it was cute because in the 2000s-2015 even was that middle time between the early days of technology and our current social media tech boom …
However now when she acts ignorant of Venmo , PayPal, iPads , Apple Pay, text messages, etc annoys me you are a judge and you have to be knowledgeable about all of these things. If you want to rule on them. Now a days mobile payment is an acceptable way to pay. There was an episode when she commented on not knowing what a “tablet” was and that was just phony. She said I thought it was a pill. I think she likes the audience reactions to these things but I think it is ignorant and just makes her look silly.
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2021.12.08 16:47 h8mehoe User_Number2264

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2021.12.08 16:47 ThrowRAinthisnow_ Recently got married and I’m (29M) finding out now my fwb might’ve had my kid

My wife and I got married 3 months ago. Almost 2 years ago before even covid happened we wanted to try an open relationship for a while. Try something new in our relationship and all. We both were together since highschool. She was my first girlfriend and I’m her first boyfriend. And we wanted to go out with people (with certain rules in place) before really settling down. I only went out with two different women during that time. One I saw for about 4-6 months every now and then.
It was a casual fwb thing and then when my wife and I decided to get engaged I stopped seeing her. She knew I was in an open relationship the whole time so she was cool with that. Her mom somehow managed to reach me. I think she told her mom who I was but what my ex didn’t want me to know is that she got pregnant. She didn’t want me to know. Her mom said it’s because she felt bad to bring this into my life after we parted ways and I was engaged already.
And thing is her mom told me she was going through a hard time battling with depression and she’s been dealing with that since she was a teenager, some personal stuff going on in her life.
Her mom told me a few weeks after my son was born his mom…. Well she tried to do something to herself and right now she’s been admitted into a hospital.
She told me it took her some time to find me but she felt I have a right to know about this because she never agreed with my ex keeping this from me. It seems so crazy to me. She sent me pictures of him. And she says he’s almost 5 weeks old. Like the math lines up but I do want a paternity test just to sure you know? But I’m just so scared now. We just got married. Now I’ve (possibly) got a newborn baby. Idk my ex’s condition right now but I know if he’s mine I’m gonna be involved and probably more if she can’t be around as much. I feel guilty for doing this to my wife. Tried hard to be careful and while we talked about this possibility happening when we opened our relationship it feels different when it actually becomes a reality. I’ve been trying to work out how to tell her. Getting the words out is the hard part. Then on top of that freaking out that I might be a dad. And it’s like I can’t focus on one thing or another, what do I even do now.
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2021.12.08 16:47 joyjiman [For Hire] Mirko [Redrawn] by me

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2021.12.08 16:47 Alternative_Staff697 Tribute

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2021.12.08 16:47 ImportanceSilver3251 Match Thread: Atalanta vs Villarreal | UEFA Champions League

0': Atalanta - Villarreal If the match has started, ESPN might not be providing updates for this game.
Venue: Gewiss Stadium
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Juan Musso, Merih Demiral, José Palomino, Rafael Tolói, Remo Freuler, Marten de Roon, Matteo Pessina, Joakim Maehle, Hans Hateboer, Duván Zapata, Josip Ilicic.
Subs: Roberto Piccoli, Giuseppe Pezzella, Berat Djimsiti, Luis Muriel, Mario Pasalic, Marco Sportiello, Francesco Rossi, Aleksei Miranchuk, Davide Zappacosta, Ruslan Malinovskyi, Matteo Lovato, Teun Koopmeiners.
Gerónimo Rulli, Pau Torres, Raúl Albiol, Pervis Estupiñán, Juan Foyth, Dani Parejo, Étienne Capoue, Alberto Moreno, Moi Gómez, Arnaut Danjuma, Gerard Moreno.
Subs: Aïssa Mandi, Mario, Vicente Iborra, Manu Trigueros, Raba, Rubén Peña, Boulaye Dia, Paco Alcácer, Sergio Asenjo, Samu Chukwueze, Filip Jorgensen, Alfonso Pedraza.
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2021.12.08 16:47 Mattone0404 Kirby

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2021.12.08 16:47 AntonisF He shall never be forgotten

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2021.12.08 16:47 ShogunTurtle cursed gun makes my friends scream at me

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2021.12.08 16:47 headbanginhersh ITAP of a foggy cemetery

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2021.12.08 16:47 snowandcrete Mark [Canon EM, 135mm f/3.5, Ilford Delta 400]

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2021.12.08 16:47 Celticlady47 A year ago today....

Unfortunately, not in a galaxy far, far away, I had 3 operations to (hopefully) get rid of breast cancer & (hopefully) make things better. It was so damn difficult to look at myself in the mirror the next day & see what had been done. Thankfully, my nurse was kind, put her arm around my shoulder as I looked at my new 'normal' (or I guess It's temporary normal because I haven't had the final reconstruction surgery yet). I'm grateful for everyone, ( especially, DH & DS) who helped me.
Now it's time to turn to a future that I hope I get to keep & make my body as healthy as possible before my next surgery. I'm using a walker right now & I can't wait to be able to walk unaided. If I don't get better then my Dr. won't do the flap surgery & I'll be given an implant, which requires multiple upkeep surgeries about every decade, whereas the flap surgery is only necessary once. I'm also waiting to hear back about the genetic testing that is being done & hopefully that won't necessitate any further complications, (fingers crossed on that one).
Thank you to the people here on this sub who have read any of my posts, you are kind to a fellow traveller. I hope that I can offer a listening ear to anyone who needs one as well.
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2021.12.08 16:47 DrBenjas 🔥🔥Looking for a scholarship [25000 MMR Brawl Stars]🔥🔥

🔥🔥Looking for a scholarship [25000 MMR Brawl Stars]🔥🔥 Email: [benjamin2.7182@protonmai.com](mailto:benjamin2.7182@protonmai.com)
Discord: El Benjador#8422
Telegram: @ DrBenjas
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2021.12.08 16:47 neverbeen333 Is it ok to help 3 people on here with fifty bucks?

Post your cash. app. First three people only will get it.
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