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bottomless - My Greatest Fear Has Come True

2021.12.08 16:08 dopehomie77 bottomless - My Greatest Fear Has Come True

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2021.12.08 16:08 ashiliya Duo GIM raiding with randoms

I'm just looking for clarification. I know about group prestige. My question is; Can a duo GIM run a raid with non-group members and still get loot?
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2021.12.08 16:08 BlankVerse January 6 committee says it is moving forward with criminal contempt for Meadows

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2021.12.08 16:08 Old_Spread_8828 INAN for a new meme subreddit.

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2021.12.08 16:08 Any_Assistance5156 My brother (23) is going through a really messy break-up and a child's (3M) life is at stake

Title may seem dramatic, but given what I've seen/read about children who's parents walked out on them I truly believe what happens now/over the next few months has the potential to be an enormous negative impact on a happy, smart little boy.
Background- so my brother (23M), we'll call A had been with his girlfriend (25F), Z, for six or seven years, they have a kid (3M) M, who has always had two very present, very involved parents. They both still live with their own parents so M spent time between both houses depending on work schedules, family events, etc. As such, both families have obviously been very present in the M's life. I don't live at home but frequently visit on the weekends and have always made it a priority to cultivate a very close relationship with him. A and Z did have him very young, but ever since I've known them as a couple following M's birth they seemed to be 100% on the same page. A immediately changed his life, got a job, gave up video games, and got involved, something I don't think a lot of teenagers would be ready to do. A and Z have both always been homebodies, neither showed any interest in partying or drinking, I've invited both out at various different times and neither seemed even slightly interested, or showed that they even cared or felt like they were missing out. They both honestly seemed to be ready to settle down for that white picket fence life. Additionally, ever since M's birth, Z has not been shy about asking for a ring, mentioning it in front of all of us multiple times. In the past year they started seriously talking about moving away so they could actually get started on these dreams and a few months ago A proposed to Z, both seemed to be extremely happy about this.
The mess - Shortly after A proposed, Z left him, a situation we thought was out of the blue. But basically what we were all unaware of was that there were a lot of factors and tension going on that they kept hidden from us. Z felt A was controlling and had issues with having no friends, not being 'allowed' to wear make up or certain clothes, etc. All things I definitely don't condone. Where it gets tricky is I found out from A that Z had met somebody at work and been engaging in suspicious behavior, started to question her sexuality, which I don't fault her for, but in the process began hiding messages, lying and just generally gaslighting my A's concerns about this person. Now after it all happened, I also found out from A that this wasn't the first time Z has basically engaged in emotional cheating, which was the reason A gave for being controlling in the first place. Neither of them are the epitome of emotionally mature, so the way it was handled I don't agree with.
What I need help with, A is a mixture of just overflowing anger and absolutely heartbreak, he feels completely betrayed by Z. Z is saying how she never got to do this or that because of A, but A thought they were on the same page. For A, Z was the one who wanted to get pregnant in the first place and now has done a 180 and given how men are raised in this society, he doesn't know what to do with this pain and just translates it to anger. He's talked about killing himself, signing over his parental rights, moving out of state, etc. I think he just truly does not know how to process his feelings over the break up (this is his first and only relationship), and the way they are both handling it is making it worse. Z served A custody papers a couple weeks ago and now A is saying he doesn't care, is willing to sign over his rights, and recently, has been just refusing to see M. I know he truly loves and adores M, but his anger towards Z is blinding him. He basically wants to punish her and show her how hard being a single parent is, but in the process M is going to get hurt more than I think either of them realize. I'm honestly not sure what to do next. I wanted to reach out to Z but A is telling us all not to, and cutting you off if you do. I feel I need to be there for A since he's not in his right mind so I haven't spoken to Z at all. I try to talk to A about how this will all pass, how it seems like the pain is so bad you could die but that it really is temporary. I've tried to tell him that he can do what he needs to stay alive or to get some peace of mind, but that one day M will grow up and have questions and all that etc. The custody hearing is in a couple weeks and A is basically ready to sign over M and never see him again. I don't think he truly understands how much he will regret this when he finally starts feeling okay. I don't know how to talk to him about it because he's so angry about everything. He is now telling our mother and everyone that they won't see M ever again. A has always been an amazing, attentive father so I truly think him just abandoning M out of the blue will really affect M as he grows up, and I'm also not confident Z won't spend M's entire childhood dumping all over A and creating an even more tumultuous home life for M. A is just so angry that it's hard to talk to him and I'm not sure how to make him see that acting rashly out of anger is not the way forward. It also doesn't help that the papers Z served A basically call him a deadbeat, uninvolved dad, (Ex. saying A hardly contributed financially, while leaving out the fact that A took a shitty overnight job just so he could be home with M all day so Z could pursue her schooling and career.) and he's seemed to internalize these. And really when I think about it potentially two lives are at stake because M will never understand where or why A left, or why the family he spent much of his time with abandoned him, and when A wakes up one day and realizes how much he regrets this and hates himself for it, I don't know if he would recover.
How can I help him through this and how can I help him see the importance of staying in M's life?
(I absolutely plan on maintaining my relationship with M, I haven't told A since I haven't been able to see him face-to-face in some time and I'm worried that telling him over text alone will alienate him at a time when he needs people)
TLDR: my brother's fiancé left him after cheating but is blaming it entirely on him. Now my brother is going to cut ties with his son and is ready to sign away his parental rights at his custody hearing. I think that pain from the break up is blinding him and he's not thinking straight and doesn't realize the effect this will have on him or his son in the future but have no idea how to talk to him about it or help him through this
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2021.12.08 16:08 Virtual-Worker922 Lawyer Reacts: Kleiman v Wright - The Verdict

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2021.12.08 16:08 muteebsattar Help with reverse zone on Ubuntu google cloud

Hello guys, I’m using google cloud platform for the first time and for my task I have created a zone on the ssh instance terminal and in the zone I have created 8 clients and 3 mail servers who all have individual ip addresses. So for example:
When I use nslookup client3.story.bots.org.uk command it’s comes back with the client name and IP address however when I do nslookup it comes back with nothing when I need it to come back with client5 name. Any idea what I can do.
Do I need to create a secondary zone? I’ve tried it all but doesn’t seem to work.
Thanks in advance
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2021.12.08 16:08 CursedMClol I got a A in biology and tech!

No idea for the flair but normally I suck on biology and now I get a hard earned A! How's your day going guys?
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2021.12.08 16:08 Aggravating_Pie1152 What should I do about my cousin (20f) who refuses to talk to me (21f)

My cousin and I have been best friends for years. Recently she got into a new relationship with a boy she met through a dating app. Immediately I saw red flags, I wasn't the only one who saw red flags her other cousin did as well. For a few weeks her other cousin and I were talking about our concerns about her. She started to lie to the both of us, slowly started to stop talking to us, and tried using us both for money. We found out her bf and her got fired from her good paying job (his fault btw) so that kinda broke the camel's back for us. We sent her a message in our former group chat. We made sure to not come off as rude and made it clear we were just worried. She dismissed our feelings so now she refuses to actually talk to us. Recently my grandma (her aunt) got COVID and was hospitalized I sent her a message because she always complains about not being updated about this kinda stuff. I tried to call her yesterday so I could tell her things got worse. She ignored me the entire day. If she was in my situation she would expect me to respond right away so I guess I'm stuck with this entire mess.
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2021.12.08 16:08 Ste19921992 StrikeX Hires New Interim Chief Technical Officer to Deliver TradeStrike Roadmap

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2021.12.08 16:08 dadasad2125 What's the best JRPG that's on PC, where the combat doesn't feel like filler or just pointless grind? (I'm not dissing JRPGs, I just seem to have played a few bad ones). I want the combat/gameplay to be a fun time, something you look forward to doing cause it's so fun.

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2021.12.08 16:08 Thirsty-Guy-6948 Swinging My Balls With Shackles On My Balls

With shackles weighing a total of 5 pounds (2.27kg) on my balls I swing my low-hangers from side to side while on my hands & knees.
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2021.12.08 16:08 AllThatHeavenAllows What’s your most expensive Criterion?

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2021.12.08 16:08 Devilan69 Koştum baktım etrafa ne bir gökyüzü ne bir toprak her yer olmuş taş binalar boş binalar

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2021.12.08 16:08 DeusVult771 [TOMT][VIDEO GAME] older video game where u fly a white plane (I think it was plane) and u gotta avoid objects when flying towards them

I dont really remember much. I played it like 10 years ago when I was a kid. you controlled a white plane or something like that and had to dodge things when flying. thats all I know about it.
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2021.12.08 16:08 mrripper_yt What is your "tis but a scratch" moment in D&D? #1

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2021.12.08 16:08 Ilikemakingbread Dialing in variability day to day

Hello everyone. I’m a relative espresso beginner and am curious how normal it is to have to redial in the same beans every morning. Yesterday morning I pulled about three shots and eventually got it to a satisfactory taste. This morning I kept the process, dose, yield, and grind the same, but the extraction time was like 10 seconds longer then what I arrived at yesterday and tasted predictably over extracted. Basically I’m curious if you think this could be user error, machine error, a combination of the two, or totally normal to have such variability day to day. Perhaps this is to be expected for more budget machines like I have?
Here are some more details in case you’re curious.
I use a Gaggia Classic Pro, Breville Smart Grinder Pro, scale, WDT, Normcore v4 tamper, IMS 18g basket, and I stick to a regular process of priming the machine, temp surfing, and pre-infusion. I’m using fresh Red Bird Espresso beans, roasted 6 days ago and the recipe I settled on was 18g dose, 36g yield, 29 seconds extraction. It tasted lovely yesterday but then this morning after changing nothing the extraction jumped to 40 seconds. Mainly I’m just curious if this type of experience is to be expected or if I’m missing something essential in the process.
Anyway, thanks for your feedback!
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2021.12.08 16:08 soulboiiii What capus legends2 player should I get?

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2021.12.08 16:08 kuhnto Where can I get a copy of the building plans for the house we bought I Baldwin?

Would the Orlando permits office have copies?
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2021.12.08 16:08 Memoirer Reshiram 0926 0603 0861

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2021.12.08 16:08 Tim_Queasy What's a fat gutted pig on a bicycle

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2021.12.08 16:08 Mishoosh Saw the OG on r/me_irl and I had to sorry yall

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2021.12.08 16:08 Maestro1976 How many idiots on here still paying full price for miners on ebay? https://apps.apple.com/us/app/socialgood-app-crypto-back/id1494986337

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2021.12.08 16:08 YoungthottieOG Why do certain LFs get platinum equips but others don’t? Gogeta blue got one when he has always been pretty good but LF rose doesn’t have one? Is there a criteria or?

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2021.12.08 16:08 ProudHighway3614 similarities to brooklyn nine nine

has anyone else noticed how similar the show is to brooklyn nine nine? i just started watching it tonight and dont get me wrong, i absolutely love it, but it feels so similar.
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